Carli and Scott chose to do their engagement session in Richfield surrounded by the fall colors. Thankfully, we were all able to rearrange our schedules and make it work to do the pictures before this recent cold, wet weather moved in! Sunshine on the fall colors just makes these images seriously glow! I am allll about random field engagement sessions and I have loved this particular field for YEARS. When you are choosing the location to have your engagement session many factors come into play, but I think a definite bonus for the random field option is the quiet aspect! You certainly don’t have to worry about working around the public and other park goers! Carli and Scott were able to have many peaceful moments just soaking it all in (between the laughs and me telling them to “get even closer!”) Carli thinks she is awkward in pictures…I’d have to argue that all I see here is two people very in love that make each other super happy! I feel so lucky to call this my job when I am able to witness times like these. Times when all that “awkwardness” just sort of melts away and you remember why we are here in the first place! We had plenty of laughing, kissing and cuddling PLUS their pup joined in on some of the fun! ALWAYS bring the dog (:

Carli and Scott, thank you for being flexible with me so we could make it work before LITERAL snow fell from the sky (yikes!). I am so happy I was able to share in these last few warm, sunny nights with you and your handsome dog, Grizzly roaming around these autumn fields! Your wedding at Lilac Acres in June will be incredible and I am so excited to be there with you! XO

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