I love photographing and sharing all the images of couples in love around Milwaukee, but I found I never really share the moments I capture of my life. I know you come here to see beautiful wedding days and honest love stories, but I thought I would try something new in 2019 and start posting the memories I document for my own life. Also, hoping that maybe posting this will bring us more snow (a girl can dream, right?!) I love, love, LOVE snow. I know I am totally weird, but sledding and snuggling fireside on a day with a BIG snowstorm is pretty much tied for boating at the lake in summer for me. Needless to say, this winter has been a bummer for me, but I am keeping the faith that we still have a chance at winter……maybeee?? (*fingers crossed*)

As soon as we saw the big flakes coming down on NYE I knew we would have to capitalize on this snow, plus our new neighborhood has the PERFECT hill right next to our house. Win, win for me. I am so happy to share these days and create these memories with my family. I also feel so grateful that my passion for storytelling plays out in their childhood. I know twenty years from now when they’re off at college I can look back at this and see this day so clearly. Jack with his sweet, baby boy face, precious giggle and little reindeer hat. Evie with her bright blue eyes, gappy toothed smile and unmistakable beauty.

Cheers to 2019, to making new memories together and preserving the present. XO